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Praise for Phyllis Cohen

I scheduled a consultation with Phyllis, and totally loved her approach and methodology. Phyllis gave me her feedback on the speech aspects that we needed to work on and created a plan. She explained how muscles of articulation work and what I should pay attention to. We also recorded my speech during the first and last lessons and compared them at the end of the course. I heard a huge difference. My intelligibility has improved significantly when I have presentations with my clients. It helped me to get more confidence in my professional and day-to-day interactions. I really recommend Phyllis to anyone who wants to reduce the accent, improve intelligibility, minimize misunderstandings, and build self-confidence.

      --Kristina Kutsuru, Digital Marketing, born in Russia

When I started, I doubted if my accent could be improved or if the class would help in any way, but working with Phyllis has been unbelievable. My accent has improved substantially since I started. She helped me train my muscles to pronounce sounds that I could never pronounce before. Also, she has taught me the importance of rhythm and intention in the English language, and how it can affect intelligibility.

  --Sina Sabouri, Digital Marketing, born in Iran

Phyllis zeroed in on what my main issues were (not pronunciation but breath and how to better control my energy) and helped me find ways to control those aspects. Highly recommend!

     --Julia Greco, Localization Programs Lead, Shopify, born in Italy

Having the opportunity to work on my accent with Phyllis has been an excellent experience! Phyllis has helped me identify my accent rhythm and patterns. She uses exemplary methods. I love the one-one interaction, and I have noticed several improvements already. I am thrilled that I finally found a skillful and experienced pronunciation coach to help me achieve my goal.

    --Jacinta Santos, Faculty of Dentistry, Western Ontario, born in Brazil

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