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Dialect Coaching

From the General American Accent to Britain’s Received Pronunciation, from the accents of Germany to Liverpool to New York, the Appalachian Mountains, or Detroit ...
If you need a dialect for an audition or
an upcoming role,
I’m here to help.

I offer private and ongoing coaching, as well as a variety of monthly workshops.


My dialect workshops give you insight into

  • the people

  • the oral posture (the place that the accent sits in your mouth)

  • the prosody (the music of the accent)

  • the pronunciation


My dialect workshops also include an ear-training component and an original monologue for in-class coaching.


Because my classes and workshops are online, you get the benefit of downloadable recordings for future reference.


Please Connect with Phyllis to find out about any upcoming workshops being offered.

Sign up for Phyllis's General American Accent Workshop
at The Professional Actors Lab

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