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Accent Reduction

Actors who want to work in film, TV, or Voiceover in the North American market often require the General American Accent. That can make it challenging for non-native English speakers.


Agents and managers alike frequently suggest accent reduction classes. While accent elimination may be unrealistic, with time and patience, clients can successfully reduce their accents to make them more marketable.


Together we look at your background, your level of fluency, your goals, and your needs. I tailor my program to suit you. And while we always begin with exercises to address specific sounds, we also delve into the intonation and rhythmic patterns of American English that are no less important in finding a more natural sound.


No two actors are alike, and people have different learning styles. I make a point of adapting to you, even creating original practice material whenever I believe it would be beneficial.


Check out  Testimonials  to read what my clients have to say.

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