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Praise for Phyllis Cohen
Private Coaching

I think that I was blessed to have the chance to work with Phyllis Cohen! She is truly a one-of-a-kind person and accent coach. I always feel that each class is filled with new information specifically selected for my accent problems! Besides all the information that Phyllis gives to me, after her classes I feel more confident in a way of building my career. I know that Russian accent is one of the hardest to be engaged with proper American pronunciation, but with Phyllis it is possible!

      --Polina Muravyeva, lead (miniseries) Whatever Happened is Never Going to Happen Again, born in Russia

Phyllis is simply amazing! I was a brand-new client; I emailed her and asked her to meet with me in less than 24 hours because the call-back for the commercial was the next day. It was in-person, and I wanted to make sure I felt 100% confident. Phyllis agreed promptly, and during our session she picked up on two mistakes in my accent, and quickly helped me to rectify the problem. She was warm, patient, and super fun to work with. I highly recommend her. (BTW – I booked the commercial! )

          --Patricia Murray


Not only has everyone noticed a huge progress in my pronunciation but I also have so much fun learning and improving with Phyllis.  She has been great [at] inventing amazing exercises to help me get to the next level. I would definitely recommend working with her. I only have great things to say about her.  

      --Olga Korsak, award winning actress, singer/songwriter for Petrichor, born in Latvia

I've worked with Phyllis on various accents over the past few years and I am continually impressed by her thoughtfulness, expertise, and talent. Phyllis homes in on the details and leads with wonderfully open and helpful communication. As an actor I often work with very quick turnarounds. Phyllis has always been able to accommodate my crazy schedule and deliver amazing results, helping me book roles and gain confidence in the characters I portray. I am extremely grateful for Phyllis, and she will continue to be my go-to accent coach for auditions, set, or anything in between!

   --Tara Peterson, principal, recurring role Gen V/Varsity (The Boys Spinoff)

Phyllis is the best!

A wonderful teacher!

The perfect coach!

Boy am I glad I signed up for this!

An absolute must for any Canadian actor!

I loved every minute and just wanted more!

Fantastic class! Awesome workshop!

The class that keeps on giving.

Super fun! This workshop was fantastic!

Invaluable information!


Great takeaways - supplementary material and class recordings.

Her specificity is what changes your accent from good to believable!


A template for further studies on an individual level by following the concepts shared within this workshop, specifically identifying and studying an accent model and breaking down a monologue.

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