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The Canadian Pronunciation Coach helps professionals become more successful with powerful tools for effective English-speaking communication.

Whether you’re a native English speaker or a speaker of English as a Second Language, we’ll go beyond pronunciation to find the confident voice and communication skills you need for your situation.

  • Overcoming the challenges of vocal mechanics and psychological barriers
  • Managing your native accent to speak clearly and persuasively
  • Finding the clear musical voice that engages your listeners
  • Bringing passion to your speeches and presentations

We work in person (depending on your location), by videoconference and/or on the telephone.

Individual classes are available.

Courses are offered in packages of eight, 10 or 12 hours, with ongoing support for clients who complete 12-hour programs or more.

Communication needs for businesses can be different.

I work with you and your company to develop training that’s the right fit.

I offer individual weekly and/or intensive coaching (in person, via telephone and/or videoconference), small-group classes, and in-house workshops for larger groups in the Greater Toronto area.

Please contact me at to discuss your needs and my fees.


Academic Sector

P. B. (born in Romania)

Working with Phyllis is a great investment.

As sports coaches do, she is skilled in motivating and encouraging, in training muscles, in breaking old habits and drilling new habits and patterns. As music teachers do, she is skilled in listening and teaching the student to listen and project English sounds and rhythms. Phyllis has a strong work ethic, is highly intelligent and intuitive, and a pleasure to work with.

Health Sector

J. T. B. (born in Japan)

I recommend Phyllis without hesitation to anyone looking to improve pronunciation skills. Within a very short time I noticed improvement.

Phyllis is the rare kind of teacher who combines deep technical knowledge with a personable and energetic approach. She has a wonderfully keen ear that allows her to identify areas needing improvement and provide specific, easy instructions to correct problems. Phyllis helped me with terminology by role playing, allowing me to immediately incorporate what I learned into my practice.

Financial Sector

E. A. (born in Ecuador)

I can honestly say that I am more confident when I speak English. I noticed a huge improvement in my speaking.

I realized this when I was talking to an insurance company where I negotiated a cancellation. I renewed my new policy with an excellent deal without being questioned once with the famous sentence “Can you please repeat that?”

Arts Sector

H. B. (born in French Polynesia)

Phyllis is a gem. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in English. She puts the finger on what needs to be improved and comes up with a tailored solution to help you get rid of your bad pronunciation habits.

I have always been very self-conscious when it comes to my English pronunciation but Phyllis’ teaching style and positive vibes helped me gain confidence over the weeks. She is passionate, patient, and efficient.

Public Service Sector

R. C. (born in Hong Kong)

I highly recommend Phyllis. She is dedicated, passionate, patient, adaptable, knowledgeable, and organized. Most of all, she has always focused on my practical needs and maintained her sense of humour in stressful times.

We have focused on all aspects of English. Along with accent reduction, Phyllis has addressed issues of appropriate language in the workplace, and balancing formal workplace vocabulary and colloquial speech.

Health Sector

I. S. (born in Poland)

Phyllis quickly recognized my challenges and designed a program that was involving, effective, and fun. Now I feel so much more confident, whether in casual conversation or communicating at work.

Phyllis is a highly skilled professional. She kept me motivated and, thanks to her humorous, warm, and friendly approach, she made facing my limitations and habits easier.

Health Sector

A. G. (born in India)

Phyllis is highly skilled and very detailed and confident in what she teaches and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their English skills either for studies or for job.

I am pursuing course in RMT (Registered Massage Therapist). I have noticed a great improvement in my speaking after only few sessions with her and that was noticed by my professor as well as fellow students

Health Sector

L. K. (born in South Korea)

I am very happy with Phyllis as my English learning coach. She has helped me to make a pronunciation methodology and improve my accent when I speak English.

Her teaching is excellent and it gives me confidence about my English. Her teaching skill is world class.